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Y'know, I honestly am wondering if I could continue writing in this blog.....these few days find me hunched up in front of my laptop when ever I get the chance, trying to update...but can't. I'm so exhausted that I don't have the energy to write, upload a dozed pix and think and elaborate on things I want to write about. This frustrates me and I go in the dumps . Always end up posting pics with less and less words....I am coming across as a cold and distant person...


Ok, I've blurted out my problems and now am trying to bring some sunshine to my blog. Just finished watching You're Beautiful...and as you know, I can't stop talking about it kekeke.....the last time I watched Personal Taste...I went on and on about it too...but I talked about it off line, didn't have the time to blog about it [had started collecting photos though...^^].


Really enjoy looking at pictures of Hyun Joong in Mischievous kiss shooting and interview, can't wait to watch the interview [got it and watched it !! click THIS and be patient while it loads, ok]. I think he's having a productive time and he looks really rested and well built ... so different from when he was filming BOF. He looks so quiet while at the shooting site , I mean he's a man of few words [something similar he shares with BYJ] ...he loosens up and become a bit more talkative when he's with SS501 members....but now that he isn't with them [sob sob sob] , he seems distant to us [ me, at least] . We are used to SS501's interactions with fans whether via video messages or tok tok and posts in DSP website. Like I said in my previous, previous post...I'm hoping Hyun Joong doesn't disappear like Yong Joon ssi now that he's in KE.


Anyway, from the ISWAK interview [ of which I'm sure you've read the trans ], you could see that his sense of humor and 4D personality is intact ..kekeke ! September will be an interesting month Indeed !! ..we'd better store away some energy for that month ^^


Oh yes, me will continue with my fascination with Jang Keun Suk....just found out something surprising about him....similar to Yong Joon ssi....what is it?....I'll tell you later ^^ Here's the newest pix of KHJ from KeyEast :


Gee....I feel so much better now...
he he he...just climbed out of the dump into the sunshine again^^

Photo credits as labeled, and KeyEast


annacronism said…
Hi, sister Myoce.
Sorry I haven't posted any comments here lately. In case you haven't read my blog, I have been having computer problems, again. I don't want to talk about that, though. I just want to say that I love visiting your blogsite. Every time I come here I find something to inspire me. If I haven't told you before, you and your blogs are always an inspiration to me. Whenever I am feeling down, I can come here and see all your lovely photos and read your writing, and it always makes me feel better. So, keep being the bright, positive person you are, because you are someone very special. Thank you for being my friend.
myoce said…
Hi Anna !

I did read your post...and I knew about your computer's just I didn't have time to post a comment in your blog...mianne...

Thank you for all the lovely words, I hope I will be able to carry on with this blog even though my activities will increase in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for being my friend also !
Love, myoce
chakachan said…
What's wrong if you're down and about these days? don't have to force yourself to be in a happy mood, nor right happy thoughts, just because you have to. I may not be writing my comments, but I visit your blog most of the time. I'ld say, post if you feel like it.
Whatever your mood may be..I'll understand...starting a blog is just as difficult as maintaining one..that's why it's been soo long for me to start..coz' I can't! he he he..
It's been quiet lately huh? The only thing that's getting me excited is KHJ's new series. I've been watching ISWAK 1 and 2 all over again..and would probably compare notes later on. Have you seen this Taiwan Version of the series? I'm into Taiwan idol dramas try to watch
"Down With Love"'s got Ella Chen and Jerry Yan in it.
Hope this cheers u up a bit..take care..OK?!

Hyds said…
Hello Myoce!!
Where have all the days gone.. I felt the same way too but after a while have tried to at least make an effort despite the traffic jam.
Btw has the new drama of KHJ been aired already? I'd like to watch it too. Take care and thinking of you.
myoce said…
Hi Chackachan !

Thanks a lot for cheering me up, I do get depressed a lot and I can't help showing it in my blog.

You're right of course...I don't have to force myself to be anything ^^ I'm so glad you understand. One of the reason I'm down is SS501 issues...

You are cheery and enthusiastic most of the time, it's a joy to have a friend like you^^

Oh, many people have recommended to watch the first ISWAK...I'll try to find it and watch it if I have time...

Thanks for always peeking in here, Chakachan.

Have a wonderful week.
Love, myoce
myoce said…
Hiiyaa Hyds !!

How're you doing...I hope everything is fine ^^ And you're not tiring yourself out ^^

KHJ's new drama's still being shoot, it will air in November,
but I don't know when we'll be able to see it. I can't wait to see it also, Hyds.

Not much on BYJ also...and I've been posting a few posts in KOB again
...thinking of Bday projects...but too busy [both of us] .

Thanks for looking in on me, well !

Lots of love, myoce

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