A Green Electric Eel

Looking back at my K-world journey, I wonder if it will get more complicated ??

First attracted to anything Korean was because I accidentally and randomly bought a drama series to watch over Christmas Vacation....I hadn't watch any Korean dramas before that....actually.....I hadn't watched any kind of dramas at all, being too busy working and taking care of my family. The series turned out to be BYJ's The Legend, I went down hook, line and sinker !! After that...well , my fascination with K-entertainment is sorta recorded in this blog...so you could see for your self if you click around...

Anyway....just want to let you be aware that now I've turned into a Green Electric Eel....which means......I sorta fell ...err...ummm...rather ummm...hard......for...ummm...JKS....while watching You're Beautiful.
O dear...he's even younger than my Little Urchin Boy...what am I going to call him ?

Why Green? ...well ...cos Green is SS501's color....I love KHJ and SS501 and will always support them, why Electric? ...hmmm...electricity is power, right? ..... I'm first and foremost a Baefamily, and I get a lot of power for blogging and doing other things from being a Baefamily and being a fan of BYJ. Why Eel ? well....Jang Keun Suk's fans call themselves eels...and JKS also calls them that....something to do with eels being good for your health ??...have to find out more about that...


Photo credit : Soompi Forum, JGS thread.


Nad said…
Green Electric Eel is really catchy! I like it!
I must say I can relate to your K-World journey as well. I first got hooked while flipping through the channels at home one night, even though I don't usually watch much TV. I then stopped on the Korean channel (which I never ever do because I'm not Korean and don't speak or understand the language). I caught a glimpse of BOF...and the rest is history, as they say. ^_^
I have since watched every available SS501/KHJL videos out there, from Mnet Stalker, M! Pick, The Mission, Haptic Mission, Idol World, Romantic Sky, TYFWMU, TYFRM, variety shows, interviews, etc, as I'm sure every other SS501 fan out there has done!
I had been bitten by the SS501 bug pretty bad...
And I'm a mommy of 2, just like you! =)
...Now to deal with the heartbreak... but I still believe!

Much love,

PS: I've since acquired other k-world addictions as well. hehehe My dream is to travel there someday with my fam!
myoce said…
Hi Nad !!

Hahaha....I'm glad someone could understand me falling for JGS^^ I was expecting scoldings :(

You're right...I've watched those programs you mentioned also, and enjoyed myself so much [too much ! now I'm paying for it sob].

I guess this is one way I'm dealing with SS501 heartbreak.... to tell the truth, "I'm living and breathing Geun Suk" nowadays.... once I'm off guard and shift my concentration from him....I remember SS501 and I choke up, a sob seems always ready to escape...
oh...d'you think I've got it bad ?? LOL...

Me diligently studying to be a good green electric EEL...

ps. glad to know ur a mommy too^^, and Korea is always in my dreams..

Love, myoce

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