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Members of BOF Entertainment [ Boundaries Of Forest Entertainment company ] join hands together to promote April 22, Earth Day, with a photo shoot.

The theme of this photo shoot promotion, “Kick The Habit (change habit for the earth!)” is the main topic to promote this Earth Day to also bring awareness for others to protect our environment.

About 14 members of BOF, each with their charm and wit, expressing themselves with a stylish environment to get the message across through their pictorial spreads on Cosmopolitan magazine, May edition.

With this campaign, BOF Entertainment also donates to the UNEP (UN Environmental Program) through the Korean Committee. All proceeds will go to the local child welfare facility to be used to support the environment. The Asian regions are aiming to improve their water quality for its drinking water supply as well as to fight the water’s pollution.

BOF members that participated in this promotion are Bae Yong Joon, Park Ye Jin, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Ji Ah, Kim Jeong Guk, Kim Heung Su, Hong Su Hyeon, Yoo Seol Ah, Yoo Joo Hui, Kang Yo Hwan, Lee Se Na and Ryu Sang Wook.

Despite of her busy schedule, Park Hye Jin who had her drama filming late at night, arrived early in the morning at the studio. She said, “I love my job!”, with a bright smile and still bringing the positive outlook even though she’s very tired.

According to Korea’s UNEP (UN Environment Program), “These actors who participated in this pictorial will help get our campaign message across to keep the environment friendly. This will be a great opportunity to lead the public’s attention to participate.”

Bae Yong Joon will appear on the cover magazine for Cosmopolitan, along with the other members’ pictorial and comments. This May edition magazine will have about 22 pages of “Keep The Habit” pictorial.

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