Dancing with lights again

Here I am posting about photography again. I collected this 'Dancing with lights' photos last year and only had time to post the rest of them now. There are a lot of pictures, I'm afraid you'll be bored viewing them...so, I made a sideshow of them and post just the ones I find interesting [to view slide show, please see sidebar above my camera] . The red captions on them are my own interpretations of the images, but maybe you could see something else in the images^^. I am always grateful to BYJ for inspiring me to take up this photography hobby, and am really enjoying it to the full :)

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Hyds said…
You know what?? I am absolutely delighted you have posted them.. I couldn't help smilling looking at each frame. There are just so pleasing to see and the colors...
I don't know how you did it but it's awesome. You have more patience than me in this aspect. Thank you Myoce, I LOVE THEM!!! Brilliant!

myoce said…
he he he Hyds, thank you so much. I'm happy with them myself...and the cropping really helped y'know.
I'm thinking of taking some more light pix,but I've got to find interesting lights first ^^

Have a smashing holiday Ok !
love, myoce

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