Kim Hyun Joong , about him...

Wasn't he cute ? [and still is...] and so great on striking a pose

I'm under obligation to tell you that above is melchan's favorite picture of KHJ..

Even though KHJ was sooo tired and often fell asleep during filming in WGM, I admire him for deciding to go on after their first 'farewell' episode...maybe the desire to see and to be with his Bu-in was so great, and he was unwilling to part with her that early....that he put himself through a gruelling schedule of filming WGM and BOF....just to be with her....[spazzz ??] . From the things KHJ said, I think being with her made the difficulties [of shooting BOF, facing critics and easing into his role in the drama] bearable. I hope he's getting all the rest and therapy that he needs at the hospital and come back full of his 4D quality...

Hmmmm....this photo reminds me of.....

Photo credits as labeled
Source : lilipop and other sites in the internet [awww I forgot ! Sorry]
Thank you everyone who made the photos available on line !


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