Through the haze

A pile of broken desks at melchan's school
The guard post at Bogor Palace

Flowers at the church yard

Yup, experimenting with blurring the photos again. I'm trying to find out which photos are great to put through the haze...and which are not. Hope the above are not too bad a choice.
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Hyds said…
Hello Myoce!
So you've found the way to soft focusing haven't you? They are lovely. You nailed the first one. I love it! The room with broken desks has so much life. Well done!! You captured the essence of that setting ;-)
Thuy said…
HI, I don't mind you posting up my comment. About the shipping cost, yes, that is a drawback from buying things oversea, I don't really know the how much though but too bad that we both are too far cause I really do love those beads, when I saw those picture of the beads, I been having it as my wallpaper, so i see it everyday everytime I open up my laptop. I'm not 100% sure about my major yet, right now at this time I am searching for the school, something in the nursing area, all the school are so competitive and it's driving me nuts since there are too many requirements and time is the key too, If I were to get pick into the program, some school doesn't start the program till January of next yr or June, I don't really mind that, but in case if I don't get in then... I am so stressed out. My semester will be over next month, so i'm stress over the fact that I am not doing too hot in the class, this semester is hard for me. I have tests almost every week, so really no time of slacking, I was thinking of replying to you later, but looking through the nursing school is making more stress out so I decided to reply to you. Sorry if this is making you bored.
P.S if you were to reply, where can I see your comment? Only the page that you reply to? o.k, got to get back to checking out those nursing school
myoce said…
Dear Hyds,
Yes...I also like the first one the most. Actually the desks were not in a room...they were stacked up in a jumble in the school back yard. I'm glad I prowled around till there :)

Say Hi and get well soon to hubby !!

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