My BYJ Mind Map

Gee....I don't know if this fits the requirement of a 'Mind Map' or not, but I'd like to think that this is my personal mind map concerning BYJ. I wrote it on a piece of paper and took it's photo, I didn't scan it. I suppose I could get melchan to do it in Microsoft Word...but she's busy. S'cuse the bad hand writing. Err...have I forgotten anything??.....well I could always add more lines and arrows.

As you can see, BYJ's influence has led me to do many things. Many important things are not in that map, which are the friendship, love and kindness I have recieved from Baefamily since I became a Baefan....... the personal satisfaction of being able to accomplish something on my own in : navigating my computer and the internet ; publishing blogs and sites ; photography and photo editing ; researching subjects ; writing pieces for forums and blogs/sites ; developing my competence in English [my second language] and much more.

The map doesn't end you will see later in the next posts, there are surprising developments, such as being able to build a closer relationship with my family and friends....etc...etc. Hmmm...interested in making your own BYJ mind map ? he he he..

Okay, if any psychiatrist see my post and my blog, they will evaluate me using the CWS which stands for the Celebrity Worship Scale. I'm not going to talk about it here, you can go and Google it. You will find that I'm in the most severe or highest scale...which is the third. I am fully aware of myself, but can't let go of all the advantages that admiring BYJ have given me. Please don't feel sorry for me :)

Photos from Soompi BYJ Thread, credits as labeled.
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jaime said…
Dear Myoce,

I meant to comment on this for a while. Wow, this is a FIRST I've seen in the BYJ family - a BYJ mind map! My hats off to you :) I may have done a lot of these things already but never thought of laying them all out like this. You must be a very organized person and a thorough planner, right?

I remember I have designed a linear graph a few years ago depicting '6 steps towards BYJ' on our idol-fan relationship. Now that I looked at it, I think there is only 1 step left to achieve - is to know him personally, which is an impossible scenario, hahaha!

I sincerely hope you will achieve all you want and set out to do. You deserve it! Best of luck!

love ... jaime
myoce said…
Dear Jaime !

I'm glad you said something about it :) Actually the kind of person I am is the opposite of what you think..

I'm not very organized in some I really NEED to lay it all out to analyze and to get the big picture so to speak.

Your linear graph sounds more sophisticated, cos you've included your next steps to achieve...which is what has not dawn on me, being to despondent about things [ seems impossible for me...].

BYJ inspires me to do lots of things :)...isn't it amazing?

Love all your posts *^____^*


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