Went to Malang....and explored Tugu Hotel.

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In October 2015 hubby''s cousin's daughter wed in Malang, East Java.
Went there with sis, aunts and uncle in law....
Saw many wonderful sights....an uncle treated us and 
accompanied us on sightseeing trips of 'his' wonderful city.

One of the memorable sights was The Tugu Hotel.
So I'll be blogging mostly about it now...

Above is a pic of a Lamp I took at Tugu Hotel.
Made a collage of it in picasa...threw in some words..
thought I could see a circle within the decorated lamp.

Below are three pictures of Tugu Hotel's
collection of Wayang Golek [wayang=puppets].
Made from wood, some are a biiiit scary...I thought.
But all of them are wonderful.

 photo 101_3910.jpg

 photo 101_3912.jpg

 photo 101_3913.jpg

Below is a Wayang Kulit or Shadow Puppet.
It is made from Water Buffalo or Goat hide .
The Dalang or Puppet Master moves the puppet
by holding and manipulating the two bamboo sticks
mounted on the puppet.

 photo 101_3872.jpg

 photo 101_3867.jpg
"Flowers" made from colored Coconut leaves.

 photo 101_3871.jpg
Chinese painting on cloth....looks ancient doesn't it...

 photo 101_3890.jpg
A guard...at night....

 photo 101_3884.jpg
Repro of “The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

 photo 101_3815.jpg
This is not a sight from Tugu Hotel.
It's the lamps and deco of the wedding venue :)

  photo 12074925_10203572987204578_4397070258448580041_n.jpg
A pic of Aunts and uncles...and me, at breaky at our hotel
before going out to sight-see and explore.
In the back ground is an old pic of the Malang Town Hall.

 photo 101_3888.jpg
A blurry pic of us in front of "The Kiss"

 Am leaving you with a photo I took at my uncle's house in Malang.
Inside a circular wooden frame covered with glass
 is a piece of cloth embroidered with fishes and plants.
See you later ^^
 photo 101_3845-001.jpg



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