D'Bug - escorted me to work

Seems like bugs like to bug me........anyway, they don't "bug" me. One escorted me some way to work one morning, don't ask me what kind of bug it is^^ If you are squeamish...skip this post,Ok !

Ok, let see if I could get a clearer vision of D'Bug :

Hmmm...so this is what you look like ^^ :

The end of D'Bug's post...coz it flew away...I think....


Tamar1973 said…
I've had that happen before. What a lazy hitchhiker! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Looks like visitors who visit us each spring and fall here. One or two always stop by to rest a while, then continue migration. Pretty red stripe, yes?
myoce said…
Ha ha ha Tamar, I hadn't thought of it like that !!

Usually a mosquito hitchhikes inside, and takes a few bites out of me ...sob sob.
myoce said…
Oh dear....Siver Bronze, I didn't scrutinize it more closely...the closer the ... err...ickier.. for cowardly me. [I'll leave it for my dad who's an entomologist, only he specializes in termites...].

Love to you and Jade,

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