Your Real Birthday Card,Hyds !

He he he.. I thought first I was already late for your birthday...then I found out I was one day early now this is my third card for you [edited the first one ha ha ha]...I think I'm still on time..even though I came late to your party cos I just got home from work. I'm sure your day was special...cos there's a special someone there sharing it with you. All the best to you, with much love from me here Mwah..mwah ! [ I got you two gorgeous smiles from Yong Joon !!].
PS. Congratulations on another happy great B-day present from the UK.


Thank you very much Myoce ;-) I'm impressed! Yup new challenges ahead.. Get some rest. Lots of love Hyds mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
myoce said…
Glad you like it !!


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