A Beautiful Sunset

I have put all the previous photos together and got the image above... I did not crop each picture before putting it together and ran out of space to put the last two pictures...so it's actually not perfect. But I thought it made a nice panoramic view. I stayed on the side of a street for a half hour...bearing the mosquitoes and people's funny glances to get this and other stunning images of the sunset..this is the beginning. Oh something is wrong with the tint or shade. Gee...I don't know much about Photoshop...so maybe I'll have to wait a few years to fix this . I tried everything in Picasa [you could see some of the results below] but it won't go away.

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Anonymous said…
O, what fire in the bottom sunset! -SilverBronze
myoce said…
ha ha...that's the picasa's doing...wait till I post the "real fiery sunset" !!

Nice time for dragons to get some air


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