Rain dance

On Photos - move when rain

You know, the last time I accidentally took photographs of the light movements in the dark, I've been experimenting taking pictures while the camera is moving. The last time the formula was :

------> Darkness + Colorful Lights on the street + Camera movement.

Well this time it wasn't dark...but it was raining...soo the formula becomes :

------>Daylight + Rain + Colored Objects on street sides + Camera movement.

The result are the above photos, gee.. they look like painted background of things don't they? And I forgot...I was still taking the photos from behind the car window [me not driving].


Hyds said…
Was it rainy hard? It looked like a rainbow. Were you outside or taking the photos from inside?
myoce said…
Yes Hyds, it was raining hard..
I tried it when drizzling only and it did not work .. I did say I took it behind my car window...
don't want to get wet Hyds.. Got a lot to do...don't wanna get sick !!

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