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On Feeling Happy - lost in another world

I'm soo happy to be able to obtain and read these books ! The first one .. I think most of you know about..Oh, after the 7 hefty books of Harry Potter, this tastes like a very delicious appetizer, I want more..

This is the third book of Paolini....can't wait for Eragon and Saphira's final battle .

And after reading the two above..... I'm taking a breather, before I read this Indonesian Novel by Andrea Hirata. This is the final book of the series of 4...the first one, Laskar Pelangi, has been made into a great movie [according to melchan].


cyang said…
hi are you.....I'm reading Maryamah Karpov....may be we can discuss it forever
myoce said…
Hah !! ketahuan, Cyang..

Tunggu aku ya diskusinya..

I'm still busy a bee
So I'll have to postpone reading that until after...err New Year maybe?
Oh...sob sob..

Love U2 always,

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