Family Outing...YeaaaY

On Family - go out together

It's been a long time since our family went out together, so two days ago we decided to go to a new place that's very near our house. We've heard about it, but have never been there before. Since it's beginning to be a famous place for out-of-towners to hang out ...we thought we'd check it out. This is the road going in.....and there's a bus service too if we need it [Please click on the photos to get bigger and clearer images].

Oh, the clouds sure look heavy...I hope it won't rain soon and ruin our outing ! Hmm...the buildings look nice and modern with their geometrical shapes....colorful too ...Please excuse the flag on the front of the car...forgot to take them off since Independence Day..he..he..

Oh wow...the entrance looks like a spaceship !

Ok, now we've got to look around for a parking's a bit full since it's a holiday. Oh...we see one...near this green building...

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