Missing Friends

On Lovely Friends -
officially missing Concy and Sophiekorea

Dear Concy and Sophie, this is for you, where ever you are. I wish you all the best in your family lives and careers. Even though we haven't met for a long time...I still carry our friendship in my heart. Give me a holler if you've come back to Baeland. Love U always, myoce

Photo : My mom's White Moon Orchids flowering like crazy in the garden [this is just 1 stem and it's got 3 stems with more coming up] at the bottom you could see a bit of Golden Shower Orchids as well. It's hard to take pics of the Golden Showers...I'll have to climb a tree or use a ladder...


I miss them too. They must be sooooo busy. Let's wait for them .They will be back for sure;-)
myoce said…
Yes Hyds...really hope so !

Sure! I will wait patiently.


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