Flowers for Christmas....


A day before Christmas, I went out to buy some flowers for my mom. She loves flowers around the house at Christmas time. On the way back home I got into a terrible traffic jam...our car was just sitting there for a long time. I was stuck on the back seat with a lap full of beautiful flowers....fuming, as I had so many things to do at home....the moments ticked by....then I remembered my camera inside my bag....Hooraay !!

The afternoon was sunny...and the sun kissed the blooms in my arms...still in their paper wraps from the market. I had braved the slushy muddy traditional market to get these beautiful flowers. Oh thank you traffic jam !! I had a fun time taking these and the following pictures of the flowers. In no time...the car was moving..and I took my last photo of the blooms....I hope you enjoy...

Merry Christmas...Happy New Year !

Romantic Purple


Yellow Mellow

Bright Orange

Beautiful Mix

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