PSH's Investigation variables...

Y'know, I didn't know how much I like Park Si Hoo until Si Hoo was accused of Sexual Assault on the 15th [okay that doesn't sound like what you think, please read on], the news affected me so much that I kept thinking about it all day and all night . . . for several days now. Can't even get the energy to post about Hyun joong and other subjects. I really feel for Si Hoo . . . coz so far he has come across as someone consistent, someone who wouldn't hurt a woman.

Of course, looking at the case from the woman's pov, it is terrible . . . If it's true she was assaulted, I hope she will get adequate physical and physiological treatment.

It's soo hard for me to form any opinion as there's many changing variables. I sure do have lots of questions before I can understand and form an opinion . . . but the most important thing is that if you believe someone is innocent, you must be confident and not be afraid to face all the unpleasant news and reports about him, and hold on . . . until proven other wise. 

I was so worried  that I scoured the net for news and opinions about PSH's case and I even went to to see current updates and to give what support I can . . . but maybe I was too outspoken . . . oh well . . . I'll just be supporting PSH from here . . . it won't dampen my efforts to support Si Hoo. Worrying and complaining won't do anything for me . . . I'll just look at it positively. Yes, this is a serious case . . .  yes, Si Hoo is in very hot water . . . yes, it can slow down or end his career . . .yes, a million and one thing can go wrong . . . and yes, in spite of it all I still believe Si Hoo !

Innocent until proven guilty. So far all the information divulged by the Gwangju Seobu Police Station is damaging to Si Hoo. I do wonder if it is correct for the police to convey so much information about the case when nothing is proven yet, shouldn't they be wiser and keep impartial on the matter ? Many variables are going round and round in my head that I've got a headache since allegations against Si Hoo came out.

On Miss A 

I will not forget her, I am a woman too, and I have a very much loved daughter. Only the woman can say she has been raped or not. If miss A has been raped by whoever, then I hope she gets justice and she gets therapy. I hope she can go on with her life and be healed, not only put this behind her, but also learn something from this. She should change her attitude and behavior in the future, and be more assertive. If she consciously take part in a scam to discredit Si Hoo, then I hope all will come out in the open and Si Hoo's name will be wiped clean.

On Mr K

Junior actor or not, since he has been determined as a suspect like Si Hoo, I think it's only fair for the police to divulge his full name and not only drag Si Hoo's name in the mud all this time [I wonder if he is underaged and that's the reason only his initials are put ?]. This person is the person I'm most curious about . . . what is his part in this . . .  since he is the one who introduced the woman to Si Hoo.

The new law firm that defends Si Hoo looks to be more professional and is starting taking steps to clear their client. I wish Si Hoo well, stay true and be strong . . . there's a saying : what doesn't kill you makes you strong. 

After writing all the above, I'm now looking at this case more clearly for my own good : will my worrying and chattering help Si Hoo ? NO . . . will it help me in my daily life ? NO . . . [maybe a little, coz I can let up steam in here]. Will worrying about Si Hoo and be distracted coz of the case help my family and my work ? NO !! . . so . . . I'm forced to shut up and wait patiently for [I hope positive] development of Si Hoo's case.

Park Si Hoo fightiiing !!



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