Hoping for better things to come 4 PSH

Meaning well does not assure ending well . . . a lesson I've learnt.

Maybe that will be the last time for me to venture out anywhere . . . specially that everyone's nerves are strung to the limit by PSH's case. Well intended posts can be taken and understood as an attack and well thought out words taken as showing off.

This morning I read a post in kookje.co.kr here tho I don't understand Hangul , I put it in Google trans and got the gist . . . I am very happy that PSH's law firm has released the statement . . . since many fans have been sad to see the handling of the case so far. [Update : got the article in English in enewsworld.mnet.com here I read it and felt a bit better].

I am hoping for better things to come for PSH.
Still in my prayers . . .


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your support for PSH. I also agree to what you said. Bacically I believe in his words. He's not a monk but a young energetic man. He must not not have done against her will. When I heard about this, it felt something fish from Mr K or Ms A....there should be plot behind this. Let's see and pray for PSH.
PSH fighting!!!

ps/ thanks much for your beautiful blog! may I have one suggestion? it's hard to read the writing with black background....my eyes feel very very tired even short time of reading. will be very grateful if you change the background colour which is eye-friendly.
Anonymous said…
thank you so much for changing the background colour and font! Now my eyes feel much comfortable than before when reaing your blog. I enjoy your writing always.

Thanks again and wish you all the best!
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

Y'know I didn't realize it...but I myself was squinting when reading my own post ! hahahaha...I just love black so much, coz it showcases my pics nicely...it's the contrast I guess. But it does make our eyes water after a while kekeke.

Thanks for the comments ...I always appreciate it :) It's no secret that bloggers LOVE comments ;)

Isn't PSH's case development great ? I hope the chaos subsides for him in the near future.

Have a great weekend, Anon !

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