A batch of my own things...

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Have already posted most of my recent photographs in FB and I posted a few at the other blog also, but here is my main and very much beloved blog, so I'm storing them here too . . . for the record. Am very impressed with Nature, every time I see it's beauty I feel really blessed and am thankful that I am allowed to see these beautiful sights.


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Okay, some of the photographs that I took below are not that clear and a bit blurred 
[and two of'em on top are blurred on purpose ^^],  but I love'em anyway :)

 photo 100_2112.jpg

 photo 100_2376.jpg



 photo 100_2402_zps0310703d.jpg

I hope you enjoyed viewing my yellows, whites, pinks and little friends :) 
Here's one more Pink for the road . . .

  photo 100_2403_zps1988f28f.jpg


Anonymous said…
Glad to see something of you here!

Beauty is all around us - that's one reason why we're here. Thank you for sharing!

myoce said…
Hi Hi Silver Bronze !!

Yep, thought I should surface sometime hehehe.

How's Jade ? Hope both of you are in good health and good humor^^

I'm trying to find other objects to shoot, for example...my daughter..but she can't sit still, so wriggly.

Wishing you happy days.

Anonymous said…
SilverJade and SilverBronze are enduring dawn frosts, but we are still blessed, yes, thanks. It does thaw, eventually. The wind has blown an inversion away. Soon you will have many bloomings to record!
myoce said…
Dearest Dragons...

Forgive me for neglecting comments.
I wish there were more hours in a day.

Hope the weather has calm down some..
I saw the news...terrible !!
Am worried for all my friends in the US.

Wishing you nicer and friendlier weather.

Keep your hearts warm always.
Love and hugs,

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