Good Luck, Park Si Hoo...

Today at this time , Park Si Hoo should be in the police office . . . I wish him luck and I'm keeping him in my thoughts . . . my wish is that the truth will come out in the open and he will be in the clear. There's been many information and theories in the news about the sexual assault allegation against him.There have also been many bad reports about PSH besides about the case, but I think the timing is too looks like a conspiracy to ruin PSH.  I hope the questioning goes fairly for all the parties involved and the police will investigate with out any bias. It looks very tough, but I believe if you are telling the truth The Powers Above will help you.

I want to say something to fans who have PSH blogs. If you feel something, then these words are aimed at you: Don't be rude to other fans of PSH. I know all of us are suffering and depressed , but don't be rude and get mad and kick b*tts right and left . . . PSH needs all the fans he can get right now . . . I mean "real fans" fans who really love him and believe in him . . . who do not leave him at the first sight of trouble....who will stick with him even if he goes down, who prays for him and for his future and welfare, who hopes for him to rise again. You started your blog because it was your decision . . not other's . . don't get mad at others if now you have problems, get help (I believe other PSH fans would be glad to help). Don't belittle fans who says they LOVE Park Si Hoo . . . maybe the word LOVE is scarce in PSH's life right now . . . he needs all the LOVE that fans can give him. Think before you write a post, do you need to hurt other fan's feelings at this time ? If your visitors have done "some thing wrong". . . be polite explaining about it, there's no need to be rude, because it's possible for other PSH fans to be disgruntled and be reluctant of showing their support for PSH because of your words.


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