Kim Hyun Joong : The Starburst in Peru !

My thoughts have been so preoccupied with Si Hoo, that I neglected my lil' urchin boy who went to Peru and caused mass hysteria there !! I don't have the time to post his gorgeous gorgeous pics right now but will leave you with this video to see the commotion :)

Video from YT byArpetv6


Anonymous said…
Oh, wuri hyunjoong's getting a uzoonsin star really! there were so much commotion in peru I heard at the airport and the roads too where he passed by.
KHJ forever!

Thanks for the nice video!
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

And have you seen the pics ?? They're gorgeous. Imo HJ was in top form when he was onstage there....just love the pixs and vidzs.

Thanks Anon...have a great weekend.

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