My ramblings on Park Si Hoo

A really terrible thing happened to (imo) a really nice person, Park Si Hoo. At the height of his career, he is accused of sexual assault. A bit shaken when I heard the news . . . and still heart sick waiting for the outcome of his scheduled interrogation with the police on the 24th. PSH has released his statement on the charge, he denied it and he said he has done nothing he is ashamed of . . I am hanging on to his words, I hope someone's not framing him . . . above all, I hope the allegation is not true...and that he will be able to prove it.

About the third person, I have mixed feelings about his involvement, he's the one who introduced PSH to the woman . . . does he have a hidden agenda? was there anyone behind him ? About the girl. . .I feel very sorry for her if it's true, but if it's not . . . if it has something to do with ruining PSH on purpose, then I hope he sues back !

It's T-ara like case all over again . . . , worse, because it involves the law and the accusation is serious. His career is in the process of going down the drain. I guess you have to live like a monk [or a nun] . . . if you become a famous celebrity in S.Korea.

Here's hoping everything will be alright for PSH.
Park Si Hoo Fightiiing !


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