Kim Hyun Joong - crossing borders...


So happy to see Hyun Joong in Thailand !! And love love these well taken pictures....thank you to who ever shot these pics ! Can't imagine if I get the chance to take a picture of Hyun Joong....I wonder if my poor little automatic camera could rise to the occasion and do him justice...

Photobucket you see the images on top/on screen?....
they look like skulls, swoooshing here and there.
Leader and his love of all things skull ^^


Wow this is sure great lighting ...and it's purple...
my fave color ^^ Oh well my little urchin boy
looks good in any color :)


Mutual attraction !!  KHJ loves getting close to fans...
and fans swoon with happiness when close to KHJ.


Oh ! Hyun Joong looks like a naughty boy here....
an urchin boy behind the fence..


Wow....some fence....
there are girl and woman power behind it !!


Hyun Joong with reporter [s ?] from Russia !!

Hmmm....I might as well continue talking in this post....coz I'll be leaving for Sulawesi Island in a few flight is at 9 in the morning but I have to go to the airport early from my city to Jakarta. I'll be seeing you when I get back....which is in about 4-5 days....will blog if the internet access is easy and the time permits. Me not going for work...but to accompany my better half ^^ Might go visit relatives, though :)

I'm still miffed cos of the T-ara fiasco....but honestly I don't know why it's effecting me this way...maybe coz I feel it's soooo unfair for the T-ara members ....they've worked so hard and so long, only to be toppled by this...very honestly...I feel more sorry for T-ara than for Hwayoung...T-ara members have lost more that her..they must be devastated....and no one [in the K-ent industry]  is speaking up for them as opposed to  Hwayoung. My heart really goes out to Eun Jung.

The power of twitter !! Maybe idols should be banned from using twitter ?? Or they have to be trained first before being unleashed in tweet-world ?? How I cherish SS501 more and more....after looking at what happened to T-ara....I realized how solid SS501 be able to go through many rough times...and despite everything they are sill "together" . Kyu is in the army....but he's still "in SS501"...well, after all that's said and seems DSP is much better than CCM !

Oh....I'm glad Hyun Joong hasn't got a twitter account yet ^^...hehehe...on the other hand...what great fun his 4D tweets would be....what would his tweets be like ?...mebbe ...

" just ate some chicken leg after shooting....kekeke.. "

" played soccer with Art and Matic today....Art scored 2 goals ^^ "

" body hair is growing's so hard being an idol "

" @mystyle1103 soju will not make us overweight  kekeke "

" @2kjdream hope you are eating well, keep up your strength ! "

" @JungMin0403 now you can be on the stage with us "

" @HyungJun87 your hyung knows how to tweet now :) "

" @myoce please go to sleep, you have a plane to catch "

Yes, sir ! ...I do ! wish me luck...and see you later.....

Photo credit : As labeled, and hakuradin88,
Thanks sooo much.


joongana said…
hahahah onnie i always like your imagination, i think Hyunjoong will tweet like that, but also more 4D words will come out hahaha as usual...
btw where do you go onnie?? Kupang again?
myoce said…
Hi Joongana !
Me in Manado now (diatas ditulis Sulawesi)...
coz hubby has a workshop/meeting here.
Skalian pulang kampung :)
Hyunjoong is working hard,
I hope the best will happen for him.
joongana said…
wkwkwk gotcha u got me,drku tdk mmbc semuanya hihi hny menikmati photo nya wkwk
kekekeke take lots pix ya :D
always onnie ^ ^ btw SMTOWN will come to our beloved country heheheh as usual WPro n partner bring them
myoce said…
Hehe....tong pes nich joongana....
harus cari kerja tambahan buat nonton concert2 yg bdatangan ke negri kita !

Why didn't they come when I still had my money tree ? Have to grow a new one asap!
joongana said…
hhehehe drku ga minat banget si onnie, even there is Onew and SNSD there but no money i can throw to dustbin right now kekeekke
iya onnie, you can grow one, me what should i do kekekek i dont have the seeds hihihi
myoce said…
Sama kok, Joongana...I'm at "my all time low"....itu istilahnya...maybe could be translated to : hit the bottom gitu sob sob....kalo jadi spongebob, uda kering kayak krupuk.

Krn k'banyakan travel sana sini... smua menguap ke udara !!
S'moga kita bersama bisa berjaya kembali, fightiiing !
joongana said…
hehehe AMIN we always pray for it, we also want to open the class for you onnie.
FIGHTING!!! for us

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