Bae Yong Joon appears in public


Us Baefamily [fans of Bae Yong Joon] are smiling a lot this past week.....Yong Joon sssi came out of his lair and graced JYP's movie preview ^^ So we are presented with the rare glimpse of wuri beloved  BYJ. He didn't disappoint, looking fit and healthy...with hair of Baek Sung Jo / KHJ in MK ^^ But imo it suits him fine :) got no complaints from long as I get to see BYJ ! Okie....let's enjoy these pics again....


DDGM 4 sure !....


Lookin' cool in white...
without anything undernea..


He looks like KHJ's older brother doesn't he ?



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No sock again, too! LOL!
myoce said…

Yup, don't think he likes socks...mebbe his feet can't "breathe"

Luckily it's now in fashion, his dongsaeng has the same style LOL :

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