My mumblings is the time when I blog the least....and I'm confused. What to do ? Should I close this blog ? I still love it though. Every time I get online my thoughts go round and round this subject, I feel sad looking at my neglected blog :(  Stop blogging has been an on and off subject that I've been pondering for a long time.....maybe even you have noticed this, right ? Now I'm still undecided....I guess something will happen to make me decide....either way..


What's the use of a blog if I can't fill it ?  I gaze at other people's blogs and envy the time they have to up-date theirs. Nowadays, I'm busy in the work and family department and other things besides. Work is challenging now because of a new program that I get to work at...and family is busy coz it's the beginning of a new school year...and even though your children are now giants if compared to still have a lot to do for that they take for granted and do not appreciate...[ I sound grouchy?].


So, I'm wishing you the best for everything.....and for my friends and family who observe the Fasting Month of Ramadhan....I wish you well ! For all of you who are still under the spell of the K-drama and K-pop stars...good luck with the pursuit of your happiness.....kekekeke....


Anonymous said…
Life has a rhythm to it
One need not match another's
Whenever you do
is good enough
purpleheaven said…
Oh no, please do not close your blog. It's a wonderful page. I guess it does not matter if you cannot update it regularly it is understandable you have other life outside of this blog.

I would peek in here whenever i can and see what you up to and admire those beautiful pics and your adventures and craziness. :-)

Anonymous said…
I understand how you feel, but I'm going to agree with purpleheaven!

You don't have to update it all the time - but speaking for myself, I really appreciate it when you do!

I'll still stop in to read it every now and again, no doubt!
myoce said…
Dear Anon 1,

Thank you !...I'll convince myself that what ever I have time to post, is enough.

err it tat u, SBD ? he he
myoce said…
Hi Purpleheaven !

Thanks for the encouragement. It's just that a lot of times I'm sooo beat and busy....the thought of stopping keeps coming back.

Will just have to care less of what people will think.

Appreciate what you've said :)

Love 'n hugzz ...dear Purpleheaven,

purple myoce
myoce said…
Dear Anon 2,

Thanks a lot ! Now I know there are still people who care...

While I blog I can't just think of my self...I can't help thinking I'm disappointing people if I don't blog. Even tho....I started this blog mainly for myself...!

Thanks again for surfacing and letting me know.

All the best,

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