The best day of Triple S

Video from YT by yyss674

Just wanted to post this even though late, because I feel happy every time I remember Kyu Jong's last FM. What SS501 members have achieved and the efforts and the length Hyun Joong - Leader, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Joon went through to be together in that event really makes my Triple S heart, very warm^^. The article about SS501's reunion at Kyu's FM became the Most Popular article for a day in Allkpop...SS501's Reunion became the trending topic in Twitter in several countries....proof of Triple S's love, loyalty and hope for SS501.


Jung Min came in spite of health problem and contract problems [which prevented him to appear together with SS501]. When I saw Jung Min's pics - the ones of him in the car, leaving the venue - besides noticing the bandage on his neck, I also noticed his eyes were puffy and a bit if he'd been crying. Jung Min is the most emotional of SS501....Baby cries a lot...but I think Jung Min is easier touched by situations and SS501's last performance on stage together, he couldn't stop crying and  from interviews, he seemed the most sad and affected about SS501's decision to part temporarily. That night, Mal must have been very sad not being able to stand together with his SS501 brothers on stage. I loved it when I read about Kyu Jong looking at Jung Min for confirmation when fans asked them to promise to stand together again ...and Jung Min ...standing on the side of the room...held up his hand...thumb and pinky fingers forming the "pinky promise" gesture [and Kyu did the same !]. Can you imagine how explosive it would have been if he were there with the rest up there ?!! I'm sure in his heart, he was yearning to be there with left out he must have felt. Thank you Jung Min for being strong and bore through everything, I felt very happy just seeing you there, even tho not on stage together with other SS501 members...because now I realize ....SS501's  hearts have always been together all this time....



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