Happy Birthday, Hyun Joong ! ( 김현중 - 생일 축하 ! )


Photo credit used in the collage :
blog.daum.net/elley0606, Josei Jishin 10/11 
or  Kan Fun vol 22 [me not sure, so put both].


Today...on his Birthday...Hyun Joong opened his Weibo Account, he posted a video and 2 pictures. Click here to go to his Weibo site, click here to see the video, and below are the pics and trans of HJ's message: 


 Under the picture Hyun Joong wrote : "China fans,Is our Art pretty ?"
Trans courtesy of @501wangja


For this one Hyun Joong wrote : "Playing game during rest time^^"
Trans credited to :@xiaochu1004 

Pics and Trans as seen at liezle.blogspot.com...Thank you !
Photo credits : http://www.weibo.com/hyunjoongk 


Anonymous said…
YES happy birthday Hyun Joong! May all your wishes come true! Your fans love you because you show your love in greater ways.than we can ever imagine. cheers for more years of beautiful memories with you.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Hyun Joong! All the best on your special day!
myoce said…
Dear Anon 1,

I totally agree with what you said. Hyun Joong showed his love in greater ways than we can imagine !
myoce said…
Dear Anon 2,

His special day is special to us because he is so special ^^

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