myoce Bali...

Yup is in Bali at the moment, thats why you see no updates here. Right now, my feet is killing me ^^ . Don't get too excited about me being's not an easy and care free kinda's sortta.. a "have fun in Bali under controlled environment" kinda, I forgot the charger cable 4 my camera :( 

Today I decided to stay behind while the rest have fun ...riding around Bali Island in the tourist bus while listening to the tour in the hotel now and will explore the surrounding areas. . Ok, guys, myoce will now bestir her achy body and soul from the hotel dining room to walk a few Kilometers to the shops and see if she could buy that cable.

See you when I get back


Ida said…
Take care in the sun and have a good day by yourself.
myoce said…
Thanks, Ida....I've rejoined the group today :) and my feet are still killing me more hahaha. Actually I'm with the Church's Orphanage group ^^ lots of kids ! \@.@/

Have a great weekend, Ida !

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