HEAT - Kim Hyun Joong's brand of Rock

Video from YT by masa masa

You know I'm a fan of rock groups The TRAX and X-Japan, right ? So, Hyun Joong's brand of Rock Music....this old lady can relate to and enjoy....even sing along with ^^ Tell you the truth, If it splits my eardrums....I won't listen to it ! Nice collab of Hyun Joong and B'z !!

There are many kinds of Rock Music and many kinds of singer's voices....take your pick ! Oh, as he ventures out solo....Hyun Joong sure has tried out many variety of music genre ...with Breakdown....Lucky....etc..^^ 

Oh yes....if you're also a fan of  Hyun Joong,...a Henecian or a Henecian at heart, you can vote for him at Mnet 20's CHOICE...click HERE  I've already became a member of Mnet and participated in the voting....right now...as I type... KHJ is third.....Suju is first and SNSD is second....hmmmm.....not bad at all for an individual performer !! BEAST and Jang Keun Suk is following behind KHJ. Let's all vote and support Hyun Joong ^^


Anonymous said…
Hi myoce! Me again Gracie. I love love this rock song of HJ. You are right, it is not ear splitting, it is easy to listen to. soft rock it is called? I don't care what others say, I love it, All the best HJ,

all the best to you too Myoce. Be well.
myoce said…
Hi Gracie ! Always nice 2CU ...
Yup, I guess it's soft rock if there's a genre like that.

Now all we have to wait for is Hyun Joong playing Bass 'n singing...he he he...he will look more WOW I'm sure...and more lovely young ['n mature] ladies will fall at his feet :)

All the best and take care, Gracie.

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