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Hi how're you doing ?... I've been home a few days but just too beat to blog here, I did update a bit HERE tho...easy coz just one photo per page ^^. Lots of family events happened and are still happening . Been itching to blog about Bae Yong Joon [who opened a GIK in Hawaii] and Kim Hyun Joong who appeared in lots of programs and getting ready to shoot another K-Drama...but...all in good time   [for me]. I really enjoyed looking at Hyun Joong's pics playing soccer...oh....with Junsu and Ji Suk too !! will have to hold my horses and calm myself from attacking this blog....have still to do many things off-line....sighhh...I've written the below post b4 I went to Bali and didn't have time to edit or add making time to finish ain't purrrfecttt but it's something to write 4meblog.

Am putting some pix of K-Stars with cute babies ^^...the pix of the star and the drama I'm writing about sometimes does not match, OK...


Figured it's my turn to talk about all those K-drama I watched....thinking about it, I did watch A LOT !! Between work, family and escape is only to this past-time...watching K-drama and blogging about K-ent. Not very productive....but I can't abandon K-ent just yet....maybe in the future. OK, me not including BYJ and KHJ's dramas....coz I'm very biased about them^^  And  am not going to use advanced vocabulary here...just relaxing words LOL...I'm not that Intelligent LOL. Hmm...looking below...maybe these are just 1/4 of all the K-dramas that I watched these few years...maybe I'll air more opinions on the rest of'em later.


Dream High I, BOF and TMTETS
Very satisfying !! !!
Most of the DH music is just great !! Romantic and funny couples ^^

Oh My this drama...
This is the most watched drama by yours truly...don't know why...
It's not just Siwon....but the whole drama is satisfying ^^

My Name is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall
Love them !! [Kim Sun Ah !!]....funny, romantic...foolish....satisfying watch. 
Will watch again and again...City Hall is sooo touching.


You Are Beautiful....a fun watch...very addictive..
Second much watched...Very satisfying JGS and Honky !!
Funny....romantic....with nice cast and nice songs ^^

Persecutor Princess.
Love PSH in here ...the leading lady is good, tho she doesn't
come across as fun-loving....her face looks too serious..
thought she did a better job in Iris .

Personal Preference
Love this Cinderella story....very satisfying to see her succeed.
Doesn't hurt that LMH is gorgeous...


Dae Jang Geum, Dong Yi, Princess Man and Hong Gil Dong....
Love'em mainly because of the love story....but
the royal & political intrigue are also interesting.
Cry for JGS in HGD...poor man ...didn't get the girl...
Course my fave is Princess Man, coz of Si Hoo !!

Coffee Prince 
With Worlds Within, this is the hottest K- drama I've ever seen hahaha...
Funny,sexy and lots of suffering....[what ambivalence].

Princess Hours/ Goong and Goong S...both of em .., suffering etc....I enjoyed them. just finished watching King 2 Hearts [why why why kill off the 2nd male lead ??? :( sob son sob] and Queen In Hyun's Man  ... they're both very very good....specially the latter...specially in light of what happened to the leading man and leading lady in and out of the drama ^^


Now,some rantings :

Fashion King
Fell in love with Yoo Ah In. What's with the ending ??? The wrong doers didn't get punished, the sufferers keep suffering...only happy for a the end the hardworking, industrious, kind and handsome male lead gets shot. and died...left a bitter taste ...I suffered depression in the last 1/3 part of the drama. To tell the truth, for fashion dramas [like Fashion 70s etc] ...from the several that I watched...for me Baby Faced Beauty is the best..

Project Proposal :
Interesting beginning.....after a few past-present began to dizzy....and became depressed and frustrated...sob....poor guy....

Fugitive Plan B : Love Rain here....except when he had that chasing scene.... I got too tired because it seemed never ending...round and round. There are lots of  exciting things tho.

Salary Man : Gave up in the first episode, didn't understand..guess me a dummy ?? I thought it was too scattered....does that make sense ? [update : Coz I read some interesting reviews about this drama, I'll try  watching it again...maybe I have to have staying power to get to the logical/interesting part ? ]

Daddy's Girl : Gave up after 15 minutes...I couldn't concentrate and nothing grabbed me...hehe...imagine hands coming outta de screen and..

Okie...what's with the pix of Jang Woo above ...while he's not holding a babe or anything ???...kekekeke....

Well...I'm very very interested in I Do, I Do where  Kim Su Nah is paired with Jang Woo. I love Jang Woo in WGM with Eun Jung...and think he's a good actor.Been enjoying I Do, I Do...and will follow it when I have time.  I realize the list of k-dramas I've talked about doesn't even scratch the surface of the K-dramas you all know of...but hope you enjoy anyway. Have a great time watching K-drama everyone !

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Cho Seihon 2010, Baby Adoption campaign. and Kdramachoa


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