Scientific analysis of Kin Soo Hyun's voice ^^


Are you a woman ? Were you mesmerized by Kim Soo Hyun in "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" and enjoy listening to his  attractive voice ? Well,there's a scientific reason why you are like that !

On February 23rd’s broadcast of MBC‘s “Feel Good Day,” a few of  Kim Soo Hyun's fans said that one of his charm is his attractive voice. So the production crew  went to the Sound Engineering Research Institute and consulted an expert, professor Bae Myung-jin.

Video from YT by kpoph

Here are some excerpts from an article about it [Source : Newsen via Nate, Emily at]:

Professor Bae Myung-jin said, “His voice is good in low, medium and even up to higher frequency tones, but it’s especially strong in the lower register.” He also explained, “It could be said that this is the type of voice that appeals to a woman’s rational instincts.”

The professor also added, “His basic tone is strong and has a wide range, and he can maintain stability over a wide range as well.” seems Kim Soo Hyun's voice appeals to women's instinct !! No's only natural for us to like him ^^ Okay, talking about Kim Soo Hyun's voice....I'm putting up  these two vidz of his OSTs for The Moon That Embraces The Sun drama.......enjoy  listening to them and all of you girls can be the "the woman that embraces the pillow" while listening and mooning about him kekeke......

Video from YT by kpoph 

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Keyeast and Google search...sob me 4got where I lifted it from :(


Momojgseel said…
Really myoce... Your blog made me lol... I'm sure one of those women that embraces the pillow...rotfl
He caught my attention first in DH n he CAN sing alright!!!!
His baby face is another incentive... If only he didn't remind me of my son, I wud probably drool over his every picture!
Couldn't wait for his newest drama TMTETS.
myoce said…
Hahaha....Momo !!

And I'm one of "the woman that embraces this drama" tightly .

I'm excited to see the development of Kim Soo Hyun's acting [and singing] career!

Momo, I look at every one of these young K-entertainers as my sons and daughters hehehe....and maybe grand children....hahaha..

Have a happy week ^^

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