Glowing Baby of SS501


Just finished watching "Glowing She", 'course watched it only coz of SS501's Baby ! And.......WOW.....Hyung Joon sure can act !! Kim Hyung Joon was glowiiing and shiniiiing all the way....he really became the main attraction of the drama to me. No wonder he's grabbed by another drama production in a flash right after Glowing She. I'm sure many parties were eye-ing him as soon as his acting talent became apparent in the first he received a lot of offers and love-calls...kekeke...I really recommend you to watch's not too slow paced and Baby is just hilarious in the first episodes....he and the leading lady got me laughing a lot ^^

 Video from YT by EmmCourtois 
I do love the song  Baby sang in this part of the drama [above]...

Even though the ending was rather abrupt and vague, it's still a good drama....and we know who she preferred at the end anyway ^^  Very happy for Baby for his success in this production, and can't wait to see his future works in K- dramaland. Way to go, dearest baby !

Video from YT by kieuchi


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