KHJ - a lovely OST 4 Wedding Scheme

Video from YT by CJENMDRAMA 

A lot of KHJ fans [all of us, actually] are waiting for the full song....the OST of tvN's drama,Wedding Scheme. Recently KHJ wrote a message saying he's not that busy [in the spot light] but ....there he goes to China and back again....and now we are very very delighted to be surprised by this OST, even tho it's just a teaser....we already fell in love with Hyun Joong's sweet voice.

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Momojgseel said…
Woah, want moooaaarr of KHJ singing.
Is the girl from Ms Ripley? N the man was Kim Sam Soon's ex boyfriend? Any role by KHJ in this drama?
myoce said…
Hi Momo...yes I think so...that's Sam Soon's playboy boyfriend hehe..
The girl is the one in love with Mickey in Ms R ??

Nope I don't think he has a role in it...only sing the OST...toooo baaad :(

howru...miss u !

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