A Win for Kim Hyun Joong

It is just a joy to type this post up......it's been so long for me to feel something good about KHJ's case, specially after last  time's disappointment .

Kim Hyun Joong is cleared of all wrongful allegations of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and demanding abortion ! 

The case was dragged by Choi's side  for a year and four months ....the court dismissed Choi’s 1.6 billion won suit  and found her claims groundless without any supporting evidences, it was judged that the claims of miscarriage by assault and abortion by demand are all lies....and the court ordered Choi to pay 100 million Won as compensation to Kim Hyun Joong.

I read that 100 million Won is the highest compensation given, the court must have realized just how far Choi had wreaked havoc and destruction in KHJ's life.

Lets break down Choi's pregnancy claims :

1. Her first claim was for a pregnancy in 2013, at that time she went to an OBG clinic and filed out a D&C request, but then she had a natural miscarriage, so she got treatment for it instead. It seems this pregnancy is not related to Kim Hyun Joong as it was before their relationship began.

2. Her second claim was for a pregnancy in May 2014. On the 20th of  May she went to an OBG clinic, but the doctors there found no pregnancy. On May 31st, she said she had vaginal bleeding after being assaulted, but instead of going to an OBG clinic, she  went to an orthopedics one...where she got a 2 week injury medical certification based on her statement. In the medical certificate there was no mention of bruises on the stomach.

3. Her third claim was for pregnancy in July 2014. Choi herself made the appointment for D&C in an OBG clinic. It has come to light that Choi had also been sleeping with two other men during that time ....  so there is no evidence that this pregnancy was connected to KHJ.

4. Her fourth claim was for pregnancy in mid October 2014 and she claimed she got an abortion on December 8th, 2014. But before that, on December 3rd, 2014, a visit to an OBG clinic found no pregnancy.

5. Fifth pregnancy is the baby now being kept away from KHJ and family. No one in KHJ's family has ever seen the baby. The big question is Why ??.....what is her intention...

These additional facts have also to be said :

- Choi stated clearly in text messages to her friend in mid May 2014 that she had no intention what so ever to give birth to a baby....[and facts point out that she has sign up for and gone through D&C].....this contradicts her claim that KHJ demanded an abortion.

- In the course of the on going case, Choi have asked an OBG clinic to falsely issue a pregnancy certificate, but as they found no pregnancy, she was rejected and she got a 4 weeks Amenorrhea [no period] certification instead.

Now....for a woman who stated that she had no intention what so ever to give birth to a baby....she sure did her darnnest to get pregnant [by KHJ] and get a certification for it....

Personally, as a woman and a mother.... I hate myself for posting these facts about Choi, as she is the mother of KHJ's son. But Choi herself started playing with fire when she blabbed and lied to the media, before officially suing KHJ in court. Play with fire and face the consequences....

How does it feel when the whole world is against you, your family suffers, your mom wants to die looking at your sufferings and everything in your life comes tumbling down ?? I can't imagine KHJ's suffering.

Really really hope that the court would stop Choi from damaging Kim Hyun Joong's life, family and career any further.

Just want to say this to people who has been slandering KHJ : next time you see a case like this, don't just blab out the first thing that comes to your mind....wait for solid evidences before starting your tirade. 

Sources : Lotus_Girl [posts with translations by Sun Sun_ Sky] , facebook and allkpop.com. Thank you for postings and translations....we will get justice for KHJ !


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sunflower said…
I too, am so glad about the court's decision and happy to see your comments. This has all been excruciating to me. I cannot even begin to imagine what it has been to KHJ and his family. I just read that Choi has hired a new attorney who works in the prosecutor's office to appeal. I only started to notice KHJ after Boys Over Flowers which went on way too long in my opinion,but I thought his was the best character. Then I saw Playful Kiss and realized what a subtle and amazing actor he had become, to the point where I started sympathizing with his character over Hani and his mother. No wonder the poor guy wanted to move out. I found Inspiring Generation inspiring and sad. Anyway, it is my hope that this young man will be able to see his baby, get a new DNA test;just in case, and return to his career and family with renewed success. I cannot say what I wish for that woman, except truth and remorse and to go far, far away. Thanks for your dedication to truth.And I am so glad his father encouraged him to never give up.
sunflower said…
I know you probably have seen this by now, but will share anyway. I saw on allK-pop that there was also a trial by the ROK Army court and the prosecutor gave the same verdict as the civil court. Hooray for a double serving of justice. Finally!
sunflower said…
Do you know if he has seen the little boy yet?
myoce said…
Dearest Sunflower...here I am soo late in replying. Many things happening in life, plus my mom's not in good health, had to take care of her. Yes, good news for KHJ, tho I haven't heard anything about him or his family getting to see the baby.I hope they are not heartless enough to prevent a father meeting his son !!
sunflower said…
Dear myoce, I am so sorry about your hard times. I hope your mother is getting better. Thank you for your reply. Please take care of you. I will pray for your mother and for you. I hope you trust God to care for you, as he loves you and your family. Many blessings. Sunflower.
sunflower said…
Just want you to know I hope things are going better for your mother and for you. Praying for blessings for you.
myoce said…
Dear Sunflower...Thanks so much for the prayers ....we are better. Have been traveling and busy so I have just seen your comments today. My mom's much better...the new medicine agrees with her[heart condition]. Hope this new year brings good tidings for you, me and KHJ :)
myoce said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
myoce said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
myoce said…
Dear Sunflower I replied in the wrong boxes...so deleted them. About the power of TRUTH....I am really in awe of it....just when things were at "the bleakestest", at the lowest of the low....Truth wins out !!

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