Life goes on...

Finally, have the urge to scribble something here...

Recently I happen to see a video of Hyun Joong's "Re:wind" and I was mesmerized as before, as before all hell broke, that makes me ...still his fan^^ Watching him perform in that video re affirms my belief that he is a good singer and...a fabulous dancer ! 

No new news / updates  yet about Choi and about trials.
I read somewhere that KHJ said he is spending time with BYJ in the golf course, oh it's a relief to read that....BYJ and KHJ have similar temperaments... in terms of being "Quiet and calm", they are not chatty. It must help KHJ a lot being with BYJ, as most people...celebrities or not, seems to avoid him and avoid supporting him....avoid talking about him... in short, they treat him as if he has a very terrible contagious disease.

About this has gotten lonely, mainly because I don't post many pics's because photo bucket has gone commercial on third party hosting. Will have to pay now...and I don't think I can do that. Well...I'll figure something out. Mean while you'll just have to be satisfied with printed words :)

Ok....will post again if there's something interesting to post...CU..


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