KHJ's case - A step back

 Updates :

- On the 19th... Choi was found innocent by the court, it seems the prosecutor found lack of evidence for false accusation, blackmail, defamation & fraud. The case was was dropped with out investigations.

- Choi's side demands apology.

- KeyEast Entertainment has officially filed an appeal. A rep stated, "We've filed an appeal against the ruling that she was cleared of all charges."

KHJ keeps getting the heat...everyone is saying being a gold digger is not illegal. As I said in a forum, I just don't understand the legal system in's okay for Choi's side to submit "evidences" to the press before formally filing a case to the court....but if KHJ's side files a formal case against Choi with out prior media fanfare...they do not even find it worth of investigation. I hope HJ's legal counsel will find more solid evidences to submit. 

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