'bout Bali - 2

Continuing my post about Bali....seems I have lots of photos...so have uploaded them to photobucket and now can drag'em here for you to see....anyway, after lunch we went on with sight seeing, coz we only had two days to enjoy the sights in Bali. Late afternoon we went to Uluwatu to see the sunset and watch the famous "Kecak Dance" If you see the pic below and see on the upper left, there is a cliff with an amphitheater on it, we sat there and watched the dance until night fell and torches were lighted. The experience was breathtaking.

 photo 20150825_164039.jpg

 photo 20150825_160110.jpg

The second day we went up to the mountains to see Ulun Danu Temple at Bratan Lake. We had lunch on the way and saw unusual faunas on the roadside. Here they are :

  photo 11954552_10206514573250552_372467407102318212_n.jpg

  photo 11951775_10206514573650562_9097628793492261796_n.jpg

They're called Luwak here [Asian Palm Civets]. Maybe you've heard of Luwak Coffee or Kopi Luwak?? It could be the most expensive coffee in the world, the price ranges from $35 to $100 per cup...yes, cup !! Average coffee maybe only costs $2 to $5 per cup....right ? What do these animals have to do with that expensive coffee ?? I'll leave you to google it yourselves....Wakakaka^^ [Insert evil grin here].

 photo 11990607_10206514630891993_3529050174700071199_n.jpg

 photo 11988652_10206514634692088_8276544479215925494_n.jpg
Hehehe...the bat is so cute...here it is above...
all wrapped up and snug, ready to snooze.

Below is the Ulun Danu Temple, dedicated to the Water Goddess.  The lake fills the crater of the inactive volcano of Mount Catur. I thought it was really a dreamlike sight.

 photo 11933478_10206508977550663_3793620908793422577_n.jpg


 photo 11933478_10206508936509637_8693352943601341420_n.jpg

Ulun Danu is a Hindu Temple, but in front of Ulun Danu Temple,
there is a small Budhist Temple [above]...
they must have gotten along nicely !

At Sunset we arrived at Tanah Lot and enjoyed our last sights of beautiful and enchanting Bali. Lucky us..there was a pre-wedding foto shoot at the rocks on the beach, I sneaked a click hehe, so did the hundreds of domestic and international tourists there^^ Okay...now me shut up and let you enjoy the photos. See you later....

 photo 11990383_10206521342739785_5491318965515324033_n.jpg

 photo 10396270_10206514863097798_8251989306484618035_n.jpg

 photo 11223896_10206493794811104_2659992884668247254_n_zpsbj6xpw0c.jpg

 photo 11953131_10206493793731077_473216639314981689_n_zpsr08kc5w5.jpg

 photo 11986580_10206493793051060_3475674046085050280_n_zpsgpcwmwbz.jpg

 photo 11986952_10206521344739835_4538819041363272683_n_zpsetz2qebl.jpg

 photo 11924556_10206521343979816_4006642616855767803_n.jpg


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