Just things from me....

 photo Ideanote_4_012_zps14522d83.jpg

My first try....still crude...
still getting the hang of using the stylus to draw.

Since I don't have time to write things 
that would do justice to BYJ and KHJ,
 I'll wait till I do . . . and in the mean time , 
just post these drawings of mine.
First time using Samsung Galaxy Note I
 . . . used hubby's . . .

 photo Ideanote_1_012_zps3ef3c2ed.jpg

My second try . . . more simple . .

 photo Ideanote_7_01_zps42eb8559.jpg

My third try,
hmmm . . .  looks like a Graffiti.
Ok, see you around :)


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