Dazed by Park Si Hoo's Case

Notice the absence of posts about KHJ,BYJ and other things ?
It's as if I'm numb and can't move my limbs.
Yes, I am truly dazed and confused by PSH's case.

Hoping PSH's still holding up all through this mess, and I hope justice comes to PSH, A and K [Kim Hee Jun]. After reading all about the case from many sites till my eyes watered and my head ached, I conclude I will be fair to all parties and read from as many un-biased sites as I can. So far these two sites got my interest : Outside Seoul and  A Koala's Playground. I may love PSH, but I won't close my eyes and ears to everything else, and will still support PSH what ever the outcome of his case will be.

I guess I'm entitled to voice my opinion and have my say as everyone else, 
so here's what's on my mind : 

 About The Sexual Assault  Case

All the law is concerned about is whether what happened between PSH and A was with mutual consent or not. All other things besides that does not count.

About Park Si Hoo

Till now I still believe that PSH is an upright person and he should stick to his conviction and belief if he did not assault A. If what PSH has said is proven true, then there sure was an extreme misunderstanding of situation, body language and intention between parties involved that early morning on the 15th. Add alcohol to the brew and enter a ballpark of vagueness and dizziness. No one is perfect, no one is spotless . . . if it is proven beyond a doubt that PSH has done something wrong, then the right thing to do is to take responsibility. If it is proven that PSH is innocent beyond any doubt, then I hope he will get compensated for all the grief everyone has caused him, tho some things are irreparable and his life has shattered !

About  A

The more "evidence" revealed by both [or many] sides, the less I like A, not only because I'm a fan of PSH, but because there's so many conflicting statements and unclear information of her actions and intentions. Did she lose consciousness or not ? Articles said that she said she passed out for 13 hours [ they arrived at PSH's apt at about 2 am ?  and CCTV recording showed her going home at about 2 pm . . . so she was unconscious all that time ?] ...this is also puzzling cos she remembers many details of what [according to her] happened, when she was supposed to be passed out. I'm also curious about her intention of meeting PSH, is it because she asked  Kim Hee Jun to introduce her to PSH, is it because Kim Hee Jun asked her to meet PSH or is it because PSH wanted to meet her ?? But if it's true that what happened to her was with out  her consent, I wish her to get justice.

About Kim Hee Jun

I didn't get a good feeling about him from the first time I read about the case, and the more I read about him, my opinion of him keeps getting worse. [just a thought : are you sure they didn't spike PSH's drink ??!]. But if  Kim Hee Jun is innocent, then he should get justice also.

 About Park Si Hoo's Mother

We read that she met with A's father and PSH's ex agency's CEO to find a way out. A mother will fight  nail and tooth for her son. I don't blame her for doing everything she can for Si Hoo, it would be un-natural if she didn't.

About B, C, D and the rest of the alphabet soup
More people are speaking out with different intentions and reasons . .  . and the water just gets murkier.

Hoping for a logical result  !
PSH Fightiiing !!


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