PSH - Positive Developments !! . . .Yeay !!. ..

I am sooo HAPPY but busy....will be back ....

Me back. Can't talk much, but in my excitement, I can't resist posting  !! 
Just have time to put this excerpts from allkpop by Jennywill :

According to Join MSN, the police obtained a KakaoTalk conversation between ‘A’ and her best friend ‘B’. In the conversation, ‘B’ stated to ‘A’, “Since this is a big thing, you should request 1 billion KRW (approximately $922,000 USD) from them. Use this chance to definitely get money from them or you can crush him.

In reply, ‘A’ said, “I’m going to show off my best acting skills during the police investigation to make it seem like I’m the biggest victim.

SO THERE !!! I hope Park Si Hoo will be cleared of all charges. 
People have played havoc with his life, 
let the scam-ers and liars get their just deserves !


Anonymous said…
oh yeah!!!
that's what I thought - a plot by an wicked girl to get money...
hope he'll get out of this nightmare real soon and get back to where he was without guilt.
PSH fighting!
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

My wish is of course exactly the same as yours. Hope PSH can put these terrible happenings behind him and go on to a brighter and kinder future.

PSH Fightiiing !!

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