Kim Hyun Joong - Stellar & Down to earth

Here I go again talking about the lil' urchin boy, Kim Hyun Joong. I do talk about him a lot, even though my talk is based on the things that I percept and sense from looking at his behavior and reading a lot about him. My impression of him might not be even 70% correct, but I do enjoy writing about him :)

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Why Stellar? Well, his looks and his performance  are stellar . . . I mean, seriously, they are !! And he has a way of wearing his clothes that makes him look like a model [ which he sometimes is ]. His achievement as a performer is stellar . . . just look at all the awards and the number of people at every airport he arrives in, not to mention the tickets sold at his every concert and fan meet . . . the numbers of his album sold . . . !

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With Hyun Joong's talent, personality, looks, fame, fortune, connections and all other things besides, it is expected he'd be rubbing elbows with his own "kind" and attend lots of luxurious parties and high class activities. Well, he does that . . . we see him attending store openings, high class product launching and the like. But we always get the pictures, messages and information through KeyEast or through news media outlets. We see him in those pictures looking handsome and well groomed, with sponsored clothing and accessories. But we haven't seen him sharing photos or interesting things that happened to him in those events . . . to us fans.

Hyun Joong [personally] doesn't tweet . . . he doesn't have a me2day, he hasn't been known to have kakao talk or join other social network medias where he can connect with his fans, so we haven't seen him tweeting a photo or a selca to personally show us something. Instead, Hyun Joong communicates with his fans by writing messages in his official site . . . and fans really cherish those messages from him !!

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Now let's analyze the pictures, stories or experiences he shares with his fans in those messages he wrote . Still fresh on our mind is the Carp fish candy !! Yup !! Love the way he told the story about winning that Carp fish. Hyun Joong really writes good ! He wrote the message in dialogue form . . . so we can clearly imagine the exchange that happened . . . I can imagine the Candy Ajumma, feeling sorry for him and wanting to give him a consolation candy [ that ajumma hasn't watched WGM . . . Kim Hyun Joong won't give up, Candy Ajumma ! ]  Hyun Joong even paid attention to the Candy Ajussi, and suspected the ajussi was laughing behind his back^^ .  Now . . . throwing darts to win candy fishes on the street is as down to earth as you can get . . . he remembers his childhood, remembers the joy the game gave him. The picture of him holding the big Carp fish Candy completes our imagination ^^

To write to us fans about what the candy ajumma said and how the candy ajussi was indifferent to their game . . . for me is very down to earth of Hyun Joong. I don't remember him sharing any stories of activities he did while he was in the US or when he was in Europe for a photo shoot. I don't remember him telling us that he has met so and so celebrity or world famous people . . . or sharing pictures with us, which is normal behavior we fans expect from a famous star.

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Another experience he shared with his fans is the "funny" incident he went through when he leapt . . . expecting to land in the middle of a soft bed . . . but crashed to the floor between twin beds instead. That was very down to earth . . . why, it could happen to any of us ! It's so natural and down to earth to forget something and make ouchie mistakes. So these down to earth things he does and experience are  the ones he shares with us . . . pulling our gaze down from gazing at our star that's so high, so far away from us, that it feels as if we must float up to meet him . . . taking our hands and pulling us down to land softly back on earth. 

There hasn't been an uninteresting moment in my KHJ fandom, 
and it's because of the 4D-ness of my lil' urchin boy, Kim Hyun Joong ^^

Photo credit : 미야야 @6002385 at twitter.


Anonymous said…
Hi again myoce, You love writing about Hyun Joong, I love reading about him especially your kind of writing. I cannot write the way you do. Yes, he is down to earth inspite of his star status. That is what makes him endearing and unforgettable. And that is why his fans love him. Beyond the physical features and the talent that is in progress, he has the charm that is elusive to most. That is why I am still here since 2009. Used to be my interest in a star lasts only until the drama ends. Thanks for your "writeups".
Anonymous said…
you pointed out very well what kind of a humanbeing hyunjoong is. Though he's still a young man, there're so much to learn from him, ie, his honesty, hardworking, caring for others, humble attitude and so and on... with those outstanding appearance and popularity and 4Dness he never shows off what he has. he's been the same young man from the beginning until now as a so famous star in asia and in other parts of the world. can't keep loving
this young man. Support him forever for giving us such pleasant joy and happiness.

thanks for your fine writing and keep up your good work.
myoce said…
Hi Gracie,

Thanks a lot for your nice comment!
Sorry for late reply, I had problems with the modem at home and wasn't able to be online from home for a few days :(

Yup, me still here too, tho I haven't been able to blog a lot about him, posts about KHJ still monopolize this blog till now.

I hope in the course of his career, Hyun Joong will keep this charming side of him always.

Have a great weekend, Gracie !
myoce said…
Hi Anon !

Thank you so much. I do hope I can support KHJ for a long time.

A lot of people who are not "into" KHJ do not understand what we see in him. They keep going back to his physical appearance to explain the attraction. While "looks" might pull us to KHJ at first, I don't think it has much "staying power". I prefer the characteristics you've mentioned, plus KHJ's humor ....

Have a happy weekend, Anon !
Anonymous said…
I totally agree to what you and two people said above. KHJ has something irresitable in him in and out. I just thank god for his being in this world. He's just amazing and a happy virus to all people.

Thank you so much for keeping this wonderful blog for a long time.
myoce said…
So sorry for the late reply dear Anon,

I'm glad you enjoy this blog....just hope I can "keep" this blog longer :)

Thanks much !!

KHJ fightiiing !

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