Star stuck....


Y'know in those dreams ....where something terrible is chasing you... but you can't run or escape ? Well, it's sorta like how I feel about blogging now. I WANT to blog....a lot....already in front of the laptop...but I just can't do it ...something is holding me back. And some one or something has to snap me out of thinks. Maybe...I'm just overwhelmed, just thinking about  the enormous amount of info and images I've amassed on BYJ, KHJ, other K-celebs and something Big that I want to blog about... I am overwhelmed and stuck [remember the harried snail?]. Yup....I don't have time. So....back to BWO, and have to persuade myself to back down....slow down....calm down....and run this blog on my own snail-like pace...and hoping will be able to write something sparkly in the near...very very near ...future...preferably tomorrow ^^

ps. just want to tell you ...if you have kidney stones  or kidney disease or some complaints concerning your careful about eating star fruits, Ok..the fruits may be harmful for people who have the kidney conditions afore-mentioned [ but it's Ok if you don't have them ].


Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce
Welcome back with a new posting.When i first saw the picture of the star fruit and the title you use it just delights me.I feel sad that you are experiencing some overwhelm syndrome right now but please dont feel burdensome.Dont feel obligated to rush with what to write because something pure and sincere needs time and happy heart to start.Since getting to know hyunjoong im beginning to be curious of everthing hyunjoong even to his bodyguard and now i must say even his fans(including you hahaha).If you cannot commit to write abt uri celebrities biases just fill it up the beautiful nature that you capture tru your camera afterall you start this blog not out of monetory gains but love for blogging.So i declare im your fan now pls dont worry and take all the time you want ok.....jamila

p.s sorry my comment is too long...good nite
myoce said…
Hi Jamila...

I broke my bubble and posted LOL !
Thanks for your understanding. It's true that I still feel a bit guilty if I don't post...I can't BWO 100% yet..
it's so hard to blog without obligation.

You really understand how I blog....I do have to connect my heart to my brain and to my keyboard. If I'm not passionate about it, I can't blog sincerely about it. No matter if every one else have blogged the subject, I'll just keep mum.

Hahaha...owdear have a fan?

Now THAT is a big worry !!
I have to keep my standards UP !! kekeke...
Better keep your fandom to Hyun Joong...dear Jamila !!

Y'know what...KHJ's bodyguard. Mr Jeong...could be a movie star...he's more handsome than many actors out there LOL

It's nice talking to you Jamila, have a great time this week ^^

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