Kim Hyun Joong's "FAN-ism"

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I have been thinking about
Hyun Joong's Fan Meeting in Singapore,in it
Kim Hyun Joong truly and sincerely practiced "Fanism"
Hyun Joong wasn't busy thinking about himself,
but he wanted to make sure the fans would have a wonderful time !
From the Uzoosin T-shirt and pin/brooch,
to the fun his smiles, energy and determination
Hi5-ing or/and shaking his fan's hands.

 Gorgeous stars and celebs with to-die-for looks abound,
but one who has as gorgeous a heart ?
One who shows his heart for his fans on his face, 
his gestures, his determination and his actions...
I wonder how long he had to endure the soreness
in his right hand and arm after the FM ?
Fans go home euphoric n' happy ...still dreaming of him...
Hyun Joong goes back to his hotel room...
nurses his hand and rests his weary body.

Sincere intention and heart will shine through...
whether from words or action, 
for the ones intended, it's something very precious !
It's sooo wonderful to see and
[for lucky ones] to experience,
Kim Hyun Joong's warm and sincere "Fanism" .

All the best to Hyun Joong and his fans
in HongKong for the Fan Meeting there !
Take care of yourself,  Hyun Joong...

Oh, if you haven't read it yet, click here  
to read a lovely fan account by wonderrrgirl
I was really touched by Hyun Joong
when I read it.

Photo credit : SoKoreal at facebook by Myra


Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce, The fact is Hyunjoong thoroughly enjoys what he is doing, he is blessed with the charisma, talent and the sincere heart to want his fans to enjoy his performances. What luck for fans and star to meet.Gracie
myoce said…
Hi Gracie !

Yes, he loves what he's could see it on his face. He was smiling,smiling and smiling. Since SS501 days I've loved seeing his joy of performing on stage, specially when he's dancing while singing....he puts his all into it. On this FM .... reading fan accounts...I feel Hyun Joong has reached out more to his fans :)

KHJ is lucky 'n so are we !

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