Kim Hyun Joong - Covert operation^^

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Even though in the depths of reluctant-ness of blogging [dunt care if it's grammar-tically incorrect], I just HAD to blog this one...yep...saw it in Allkpop's article. Here's an excerpt from Allkpop :

the Hallyu star was surrounded by his guards and knew that they would not let his fans get close to him. But upon noticing a fan who had something to give him, the singer secretly stuck his hand out behind him to receive a letter from the fan without letting his guards catch on

The girl must have felt like they were secret agents !!...on a covert operation...pass the message secretly ! will make her feel that at that moment she and Hyun Joong were words needed, they understood each other !! Isn't that wonderful ?? If it was not so....what's the use of Hyun Joong exerting extra efforts to take that letter ??!...he was walking rather quick with the bodyguards ushering him would be much  easier just to walk  away. And look at his innocent smiling face !! He was having fun too ^^.. bet no fans escaped from feeling touched by Hyun Joong's action ! Very proud of my little urchin boy ^^

Video from YT by kim701004
 Click here to see clearer ^^

Love this video above...
we can see Young Saeng and Kyu Joong also !!! 
Hehe...they do look like F3 coming down those stairs if only we can see F5 together.....
..we Triple S will die of happiness :)

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Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce! It should be obvious by now that F5 is not possible (yet). Someday, maybe. But I am more than happy for F3 for the time being, or even just F1. Kim Hyun Joong, fighting!! Gracie
myoce said…
Hi Gracie...

Yep...F501 would be like magic...if they appear together now :)

And yes, I'm happy with any one of the five...specially wuri Leader !

SS501 and us TripleS & Henecian fighting !!

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