4momo - City Hall

Hi Momodokkogirl,aka Momojgseel.....hahahaha...what happened to your loyalty to JGS ????  
I understand tho....after watching Greatest Love and City Hall, you might waver ^^ ...he does make all the romantic scenes sooo touching. Now, all you have to do is go watch Athena and Iris and see another side of him...the "no mercy" side ! OK, enjoy these....



 Cha Seung Won and Kim Su Nah, two exceptional performers.

Photo Credits : sg.ebid.net and koreandrama.org


Momodokkogirl said…
Myoce, thanks for the pix.... Oh It's happening again.. The last time I can't get over Greatest Love, now I just finish ep18 of City Hall, I keep rewatching the previous eps...it takes me weeks to finish the twenty eps...but I don't want to finish them soon...so infatuated with CSW!!!
Hah, hard case of addiction!! Okay, off to watch CH...bye for now
myoce said…
Hi Momo, hahaha...I kept replaying it also. I think CH is a really a high quality drama. There's one more drama that I like that impressed me like this one...The Legend...[BYJ].

I want to know your opinion after you watch Athena !


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