One morning with the cats ^^

This imaginary conversation  is for my chinggus C and M....who love JJ.
remember when JJ lived in HJ's place for a year ?
Well...can anyone imagine what mornings are like at their place ?
Or mebbe they get up at late afternoon...kekekeke..
Ok, let my imagination run wild here^^
It's just for fun, ya...


While Hyun Joong was still dreaming....


Jae Jong was sleeping too...

but....his cat poked his face and woke him up..

JJ : " Cat, go and tell Hyun Joong's cat to wake him up ! "
JJ's cat: " Miaow....Okay mom " 
[having mistakenly thought that this gorgeous person must be female] 


Sound of cat's voice : " Miaow...mommy...wake up ! "
[HJ's cat having the same misconception about HJ as JJ's cat]
HJ : " Huh...huh...watissit ?? "


JJ : " I think the cats are hungry..... "


HJ : " Cat, how can you be hungry?... I just fed you 2 hours ago "


 JJ : " What if I do something heavenly to this piece of bread 
and whip the four of us up a scrumptious gourmet breakfast ? "

HJ : " Upth !!....why don't you make something simple instead....
if we stop making gourmet dishes, then mebbe our cats will stop calling us mommies !!! "

Photo Credits : As labeled, Kim Hyun Joong's 2012 Calendar,, and


M said…
Thanks Myoce...
They both look very handsome.... I love JJ's pic with that piece of bread...
Your chingu "M"
ANABEL said…
Hi Myoce...

Thanks for this sweet report... they look so cute with their cats..

I love their friendship... really
awesome boys...

Hugs, Anabel
myoce said…
Hi Chinggu !

You're welcome...and you're welcome to ogle JJ all you want LOL

Oh, I'm an M too kekeke...
myoce said…
Hi Anabel...

Awesome....I agree, not only their handsome faces but their fighting spirit and work drive to further their career.

Have a nice week !
joongana said…
aah this one
i tot that the cat will call jj omma n hjl appa wkwkwk
well i think i will make some like this on my tumblr later if i found the pix, its fun rather than make a fanfic hihihi
thanks onnie
myoce said…
Hi joongana ! Yup, this is easier to make than fanfic. I'm stuck making first one is too exciting and my last one is too boring [even I fell asleep reading it].

Ok, tell me if you make one...and give the link ^^


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