Oh Dear....

.....what will Yong Hwa say when he sees this...??? One half of Lettuce/Sangcchu Couple and Sweet Potato/ Goguma Couple  are coupled together in this TFS CF !! They are both shy ^^...d'you think they talked ???


Photo Credit : Allkpop 


joongana said…
1st pic
hj: errr seohyun ssi you have a beautiful hair you know

seohyun: ah hyunjoong ssi dont say that

hj: jeongmal, look (hj touch seohyun's hair)its very soft

pic 2
seohyun: hyunjoong ssi please dont do that everyone see us

hj: uh? of course there is a lot people here, but its okay right?

seohyun: umh hyunjoong ssi must remember, you already have hwangbo onnie

pic 3
seohyun leave hj after said like that

hj: ahh i know she also already with yonghwa....wrong target...

note: sorry this is joke i made, please dont take it seriously ya onniedeul,oppadeul dongsaeng do, peace *wink
myoce said…
hahaha...joongana, your imaginary dialog between them is very looong compared to the real convo that they had...Hyun Joong said they only exchanged a few words LOL !

But it's nice !
Poor HJ got turned down :(

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