When you're weary...feeling low....

Hi...me typing with left hand, right hand is supporting body cos me is having tbr [total bed rest] with elevation of left foot. so won't have caps in this post...to hard..so...any way ...will not be posting much in my condition.
canes upgraded to wheelchair
baker's cyst....ganglion cyst
possibly with dvt...
can't use left leg 4awhile
sorrow has come to our family
hope everything will get better


jaime said…
Dear myoce,

I haven't been too up-to-date on our Bae sisters. Sounds like you are not feeling your best. I sincerely hope all the happiness and health will be with you and your family. Please take good care of yourself.

love ... jaime
Momojgseel said…
Dear myoce,
Why don't you play up Dugeun Dugeun to cheer you up?
Hah...I'm hooked with CSW. Now I have his sexy grin on my screen saver iso JGS... Gah...so into Greatest Love Dokko Jin.... You shud rewatch it, guaranteed you'll hop around Rolf in no time... I did last week!!!
Anyway, all the best,,badai pasti berlalu....fighting
(heeemm, shud change to momobldgj, whadyathink?)
myoce said…
Dear Jaime,
Thank you for your concern. Yes, I'm sad and under the weather. My father inlaw just passed away a few days ago and I have some problems with my leg. Some years ago I found out there are Baker's cysts behind both of my knees, it was hard to walk and I couldn't bend my knees. I'm having the same problem now, but a bit scarier 'cos there's some bleeding (inside lower leg).

Had to attend my in law's wake in a wheelchair.
It's been over a week now....been to 2 specialist. But tomorrow I'll be going to the hospital for more comprehensive examination.

Sorry, Jaime....I've blurted out everything to you.

Hope you and your family are doing fine, all the best to you and yours !

Hehehe.....myoce is fightiiiing !!
myoce said…
Hi Momojgseel,

Hmm....so now u want to change your name? What happens if you fall hard for some one else ??? Red and white porridge again ?? ^^

If you're hooked on CSW, then watching City Hall is A MUST !!!
You will enjoy it more or at least the same as you enjoyed The Greatest Love !! CSW is a brilliant actor...look how scary he is in Iris and Athena !!!

Anyway he does look a bit like Johnny Depp doesn't he ?

Me better now...using a crutch to get around.

Give my love to everybody in the BIG room ^^


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