No Min Woo - a captive, trapped ^^

Video from YT by 2istidStrsPro 

Y'know how I love No Min Woo of TRAX, right ?
I won't get tired posting about him...thought the above is funny....
what would YOU do if you got Rose tied to a pole?.... m e o w ^^
Btw...if you want to see the bts HERE

Maybe the next song is familiar to you ?
Have you watched "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox" ?
It's also called "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho", 
Min Woo performed in it and sang one of the OSTs.
This song is growing on me....

Video from YT by ByMee88 

Catchy and nice & easy on the ears, right ?!!
Wanna see a fancam of Min Woo singing this LIVE ?, click HERE.


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