SS501 - down memory lane to Youngstreet

I find their antics in Youngstreet funny and it a chance to unwind ? They can't be that dorky on stage, so Youngstreet is a good place to have some fun...between DJ- ing duties of course ^^.  Besides that they get  to meet many interesting people in their field....musta learned a lot from others' experiences, ne ?


Hahaha...minnie and leader....^^


SS501 looks happy ....


Ahhh...hahaha...minnie and leader again...
all 5 adorkible....

Photobucket that saroong you're wearing ?...

Horse on top of gorilla ?


Minnie about to throw himself at leader hahaha.. tat Heechul or Mal ?? 
Oh wells...they're both cute ^^


No comment...just enjoy the show kekeke....


Baby fell asleep while talking on the cellphone ?

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Mo on seep said…
During the week, I've watched two SS501 members featured in kimchi fan club, tvn program aired in v channel.
If I'm not mistaken they are maknae n pjm. Moreover, vchannel puts KHJ newest single breaking down on Top-5 k-pop. He's no.5 now, but I'm sure he'll get to the top in the coming weeks....
The maknae n pjm were interviewed about their solo career
I hope to see more of KHJ ... Oh..he's getting at me more and more....breaking down is so coooolll!
What do you think?
myoce said…
Hi Mo ! ( hope I can call you that )

Wow, ur more updated on SS501 than me !
PJM is sure big in Taiwan ...and he's shooting a drama too. I think it's a drama...could be wrong...
Baby is busy in Japan and Kyu Jong is busy in Goong and variety shows. Like Jung Min, Young Saeng has also recorded an OST for a drama. And Leader is just everywhere ....on the soccer field....on TV...etc....

I'm glad all members of SS501 are doing OK.
'course I love Break's Debaek !! Also love "Please" and "Kiss-Kiss". Me always love leader's performances....everything..

Ok....have blabbed enuff ...
Thanks for the comment, cu later!

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